if you’ll love me a little, i promise to love you more. if you’ll care for me a little, i promise i’ll care for you more. if you’ll stay by my side, just for a little while.. i promise to be by your side, a little while more.
get right, or get LEFT.

so recently, as in 2 days ago, i was having a conversation with a friend i’ve had for the last 6 1/2 years. we weren’t necessarily arguing, but we were more so having a disagreement of sorts. we had a bit of a falling out over these last few months over a number of reasons & very recently i got upset about something she did. not what she did actually, but what i didn’t know is more the case. so anyway, at this point we were trying to figure out if we were going to say goodbye or call a truce & just move forward. i told her i literally do NOT have the energy this year for any negative relationships. by the end of our conversation we had decided to keep the past in the past & move forward.

this blog isn’t really even about my situation with her, but about what i told her. i wasn’t kidding when i said i don’t have the energy for negative relationships this year. last year was one of the thee worst years i’ve had in my 26 years of existence, especiallyyyy the last 4 months of last year. only about 4 people know why that is, & it’ll probably stay that way until i get the courage to blog about that.. {maybe}.

i have just felt so drained physically, mentally, & emotionally in these past few months & realizing i allowed people to just add to the damage i was already going through did not help. people will do what you allow them to, treat you how you let them treat you. now i do think that saying that & ONLY believing that is not true. people will also treat you unfairly for things you have ZERO control over & i literally HATE when people say that’s not true. if it weren’t true then people wouldn’t kill, steal, rape, lie, cheat, etc.. some things are just out of our control. however, i need to get it together where i DO have some control. do i believe in forgiveness? of course i do. i also believe that some people will contionuously run all over you time & time again. i know there are relationships i have physically departed from in the last few years, but they still have a grip on me in other forms & i need to work on letting ALL of it go. ya know, sometimes i think when you don’t have closure on certain situations/relationships you start to wonder so much about the what ifs & why this person thought this or that, or why this person didn’t do this or why they said that. but i’ve also realized that if people have either let me go, or forced me to leave them alone then an explanation is now void. i don’t need a reason or an excuse of why things have ended up the way they are & i’m sure not gonna continue to pass out the why’s of why i’ve chosen to go certain routes. if you’re not in my life trying to make it better or be a positive person in my life, then FACT is i don’t need nor want you. {simple as that} i don’t say that to be cruel or brutal, i say it because it’s a definite statement. i NEED people who are going to support me, who are loyal & just, who can realize that when i’m silent it’s not because i’m purposely trying to push anyone away, i just have so much going on in my head & until i can get it out in a healthy manner i’m literally trying to save you from my mess. i think i’ve actually lost touch with a few people over these last few months just for this reason, they couldn’t understand why i was quiet or being a certain way.. i wish they would’ve had patience, but for some i don’t blame them at the same time. it can be tough waiting not knowing any answers. i get that, i do.

i start therapy monday {weather permitting now} & i am not one bit ashamed. i know i need it, it’s my last resort. {drinking every day all day for 4 weeks didn’t do the trick..} i actually told a close friend i was going to look into it & she replied “good, no offense” & i giggled. i told her none taken. i know i’m a wreck & i haven’t been quite this bad in about 6 years so i have to do positive things that will help me overcome the situations that have me in this place.

this year i want to build better good relationships i have & make them great. this year i want to rid myself of any negative people. i don’t need anyone’s permission or opinion of why i should or shouldn’t keep someone around. i know better than anyone else how someone else affects me.
last night someone was speaking at an event i attended & he said, “in order for someone’s opinion to matter i must value their lifestyle.” & i immediately typed that into my phone because he was on point. if the things you have to say, if the way you handle things, if the way i see you treating others…isn’t in a manner i believe is good & positive then why in thee heck should i ever let your opinion count in my life? yeah right. no more of that.

you can get right {with me}, or get LEFT (& no i won’t wait until next new year’s to leave you behind}.

toodles. [xoxo]

sometimes the things we desire most become the things we desire the least. it’s okay to stumble & realize that those things just aren’t within reach for now, to not even be thought of, but do not grow weary.. for the things we have desired the most, just might make their way back.
the sorrow & the soul.

the sorrow & the soul the only things she knows she can’t stay around for death trapped on the edge burning like wildfire to the tips of her toes she can’t feel anything she can’t love she’s not capable of what should be there you have to let her die in the inside to stay alive on the outside she doesn’t know how else to escape or to cope with the world she fears for her life but doesn’t care if she’s done falling spiraling coming down so fast hits her head severs her heart it stops beating there’s nothing left the end is near and she can’t hear a sound.

stay or go.

have you ever been so drawn to something or someone, but couldn’t decide if it was more good or bad for your life? maybe the actual thing/person wasn’t in itself unhealthy for you, but somehow grew to be? have you ever wondered what it would take for you to give it up, to just walk away? are you are strong enough? or are you so weak that you know you’ll come crawling right back so you don’t even attempt to let it/them go at all? have you ever been in such a fight within your own heart & mind about what to do about a situation? you beat yourself up until the point you’re all black & bruised & have to just take a time out.. you have to just wait until tomorrow to contemplate the best choice, that will provide the best outcome. it can be so hard to decide which road to take sometimes. something you love so deeply that thinking about letting go knocks the wind out of your lungs & you can’t even see straight anymore. how can we possibly give up something so beautiful & rare for all the pain that will surely follow. perhaps because although you love this thing/person.. the way it’s reciprocated from the other end is painful. do you continue to let it put splinters in you or do you take it out & stop messing with it so you don’t bleed ever again?

january 3rd, 2014.

typically i come up with some witty titles for my blogs, but today i just don’t feel like it. i have been dying to blog for weeks now but at the same time don’t want to write down any words.. afraid of what might come out. i couldn’t possibly type out all that’s actually in my head right now or else someone would probably try to commit me. yes. it’s THAT’S bad. well you would say bad, i say honest & real. potato tomato.

anyway. i feel so much anger all the time. i know exactly where it stems from, but not how to release it in a way that isn’t dangerous.. i feel like a ticking time bomb. tick. tick. only a matter of time before i either figure out an escape that would make this all better or.. well. yeah.

my mood swings lately have been out of control to say the very least. i used to cry all the time, but i’m sick of that. my sadness has turned to anger & hate. i hate everything. even when i do seem to have a moment where i forget all the bad shit i’m somehow quickly reminded. a smell. a photo. a car. a saying. a mutual connection. they follow me everywhere. i can’t escape. i can hardly breathe. i feel like i’m drowning & there is no rescue close.

of course, if i talked to someone they might tell me to pray about it. i have. do i think God is ignoring me? no. never. do i think He still has me in this battle for a reason i cannot fathom? absolutely.

i’m so sick of the cliche nonsense people want to say when they see the torn up face i just can’t hide during some moments. all the “it’ll be okay”, “you’re strong”, “whatever it is it’ll be alright eventually”. i’m so tired of hearing it. it’s exhausting. how can you tell me it’ll be okay when you don’t even know what’s wrong!!!! how can you know what’s wrong & expect me to ever feel okay again?! eventually feels like an eternity from now. what if i don’t have time to wait for the someday when it’ll supposedly be okay? i’m tired of waiting. i’m tired of everything.

just let me be.


you ignited the fire
you lit the flame
watched it burn
you have no shame

you’re living fine
while the rest sit & dwell
you’re sitting high
while they try to escape this hell

your hands are dirty
theirs are clean
yet somehow that’s not what it seems

you pushed so far
they can’t come back
you killed their souls
now their hearts lack

you better hope your fate
isn’t up to them
you better hope for distance
and not the bitterness they befriend

if they touch you at all
it won’t be by their hand
if they touch you at all
you’ll end up just like them

without any hope
without any help
they’ll show you what you’ve done
what you’ve made them become

it might not be today
you won’t know when it’s coming
but one day they’ll grow strong
and you better start running

you better hope for mercy
talk to the God they can’t feel
you better pray for existence
and for them to stand still

if they move at all
you won’t be safe
they’ll show you what you stole
before they seal your fate

eenie meenie minie moe.

soooo i decided i needed to post something just to keep my blog going.. since my laptop decided to break during finals week i have to do everything from my phone for now & it’s so annoying. yes, i’m bitter. i want my laptop backkkk :( anyway, i put together just this little simple thingy so i could at least stay active in my writing.. i *promise* something with more substance {ASAP}.

4 of your biggest fears:
not pleasing God/not going to Heaven.
not being able to have more children.
something bad happening to my little brothers.
someone super close to me dying.

4 things that give you anxiety:
riding in the car.
meeting new people or being around a lot of people at once.
my finances.
being paranoid.

4 things from my bucket list:
go to fiji (or bora bora).
hang gliding.
learn how to surf.
drive from north carolina across to california.

4 girl names i like:

4 boy names i like:

4 places i’d love to live:
san diego.

4 places i’d never want to consider living:
north dakota.
indiana. yes i’m aware i already live here. it’s very unfortunate. *insert saddest face ever*

4 pet peeves:
asking someone how they’re doing & not getting a response (people are rude i tell you..)
ill mannered children or adults. stop talking with food in your mouth, say thank you, & learn some proper english. ugh.
small talk.
people who distastefully act different depending upon who they’re around. you’re cool. not.

4 blessings:
my baby girl.
her parents/family.
my car.
waking up everyday.

4 favorite words:

4 tv shows:
one tree hill.
law & order svu.
gossip girl.

4 regrets:
sex at a young age.
roommates (i’m entirely too ocd to deal with (messy) other people).
not saving while working at sallie mae.
staying in relationships where i’m more sad than happy. (no, not just bf/gf relationships either.. sigh)

4 good decisions:
giving birth.
baby love’s adoption.
letting go of my past relationship.
gaining a close relationship with my mom.

4 moments:
camboo’s birth.
camboo crawling.
camboo walking.
when she said “i grew in your tummy & in mommy’s heart”.. sweetest thing EVER.

4 hardest times:
camboo’s adoption.
double funeral (greatgma/gpa).
1st year of camboo’s adoption.
my breakup with clr.
these last few months*
*this one had to have 5….

4 laughs:
watching good deeds with nat.
brit’s alone laugh.
no yoke can i get a pickle?.
making devon choke from laughing.

4 movies i love*:
how to lose a guy in 10 days.
american gangster.
pitch perfect.
a white christmas.
*ugh. i’d just like to make it clear this was not a good choice for a question because i love way too many movies to just pick 4. now i’m mad. bye.

4 movies i hate:
elizabethtown (i’ve never been so bored)
the langoliers (like. just. no.)
confessions of a teenage drama queen (it was so freaking stupid)
for colored girls (i don’t actually hate this movie, i just hate 80% of the things that happen IN this movie…)

4 recent moments good or bad:
i got a car less than a week ago & it still doesn’t feel real!
i’m learning more of who i am, whether i hate it or love it…
i saw my bestfriend after months of not seeing her & it was MUCH needed.
it snowed last night. disgusting. i hate snow.

4 things about my relationship with my parents:
i used to not be close with either parent growing up, but now i’m close with my mom.
i’ve decided my dad had to be my dad so my mom could be my mom.
i appreciate my mom so much, more so than she probably will ever know.
i believe my dad wants good things for me, he just doesn’t know how to parent.. i guess..

4 things in my typical day:
hitting snooze (i LOVE sleep).
brushing my teeth 4 times.
rolling my eyes (i should probably work on that..)
giving God thanks for baby girl.

4 people i talk to everyday:
my older sister.

4 people i believe i’ll be close to the rest of my life*:
my daughter.
her mom.
my mom.
daniel. devon.
my parker/mcdonald family.
*yeah.. so this one couldn’t have just 4 either

4 candies i like:
lifesaver wintogreen mints.
gummi lifesavers.

4 foods i could never live without*:
*so i guess maybe i should’ve made this blog with unlimited answers because some of these are killing me…. lol

4 things i hope to happen in the next year:
finish school/be very close to.
get a job i absolutely love.
meet someone who changes my life.
have something incredible happen that i wasn’t at all expecting.

4 things i like about myself
my spunk (you call it weird though probably.. oh well.)
okay so this is terrible but i’m not good at the whole “toot your own horn” thingy so i’m gonna table this question for now…

4 things i dislike about myself:
being so thin.
self doubt.
insecurities about things people probably think are ridiculous.
not knowing how to stay letting go.. i let go but then..

4 colors:

4 favorite things:
nail polish.

4 languages i’d like to be fluent in:

4 songs:
man & wife. (one day…)
i wanna know. (this song is just perfect)
stay. (yup.)
roar. (i love these lyrics)

welp, those are the only 4s i could think of for now..

toodles {xoxo}

what kind of adhesive are you?

so i’ve been thinking about how we handle situations, relationships mostly. there are over 7 billion people in this world, but i feel like there are few different ways people handle their relationships, whether they be with a friend, a family member, a colleague, a stranger, or significant other. i’m curious, do you know what kind of adhesive you are?

{elmer’s glue}

"you’re there when things are easy, but when things get tough.. you bail. you don’t stick around". 

are you like {elmer’s glue}? you like to help your friend pick out her friday night dress or tell her how to style her hair, but then when she needs you for something tougher, like a family issue or advice about a situation at work.. you disappear. it’s easy to give advice & be there for others during the fun situations, the advice that’s not actually needed, but more so just cool to talk about for kicks. but your adhesive sure doesn’t last when you’re needed for a shoulder to cry on, a helping hand to help your loved one move houses, or when they’re feeling down. remember, you used {elmer’s glue} a lot as a child, but not so much as an adult. so perhaps try to be more of an adult & put childish ways.. in the closet where they belong.

{super glue}

you get the job done for multiple occasions. as soon as someone needs you, you’re there in a flash. just like {super glue} takes about 4 seconds to dry, you take 4 seconds to reply to someone in need. you stay stuck to the ones you love throughout life, you’re reliable. people, things, life.. they can try to pull you away from what’s important, but they have very little success. now you {super glue} people, although you are there for people in need, sometimes you can over-do work. you spill TOO much out. if you’ve ever used {super glue} then you KNOW that can cause more of a mess than what you started with. you give TOO much & then it causes problems, sometimes ones that can’t be fixed. so before you open that lid (aka your mouth) make sure you’re going to use the right amount of {super glue}.. advice.

{scotch tape}

gifts. everyone likes getting gifts, & everyone knows people typically use {scotch tape} to wrap those presents. are you that friend who is only there when there’s something in it for you? (i sure hope not). you’re greedy. you do things for others to look good. you show up at birthdays & holidays with the most gorgeous wrapping paper & most expensive gift, but not because you want everyone to be happy, but because YOU want to look good in the process. when someone asks you for help do you try to figure out how lending a hand, ear, or advice will actually give you more than the person asking for the help? do you try to take advantage of every situation to benefit you? are you like {scotch tape}? if so, just remember, once that gift is unwrapped, the paper & tape is THROWN AWAY. so the next time you want to be selfish, just remember, very few people keep wrapping paper that has that {scotch tape} connected to it, they figure out it’s not really worth it & it just takes up unnecessary space.


you can use this lovely ingredient to stick a sandwich together, but if things get too hot, it melts away. are you that friend that slowly eases away when things get too heated? now, {butter} might sound kind of like the {elmer’s glue}, but let me assure you, there’s a difference. the thing about {butter}, it runs a lot quicker, & leaves a mess in its trail. {butter} tastes good, but it’s high in fat, making it unhealthy if consumed in large portions, or too often. are you that friend who just pushes their way in to whatever is going on because you like being center of attention? but then when the situation is something negative [hot] you slip [melt] away quicker than you arrived? if so, maybe you should consider the fact that there are a lot of other products [people] that can do the same job as {butter}, but better at it. hmm.


sticky sticky. {honey} is extremely [sticky]& [messy]. could it be that you are you like {honey}? you are always stuck to someone else’s situation, but you don’t actually care? are you asking because you can’t wait to [spread] whatever is going on, just because you’re nosey & can’t help but to [adhere] to other people’s situation while your life is falling apart? are you that person who is always [sticking] to other people’s life because you don’t like the one you have? let me tell you, doing this will not make your life seem any [sweeter]. yes, {honey} tastes good & is crazy messy, but it CAN be cleaned up. a lot of people don’t use {honey} often, so make sure you are only [sticking] with someone, when they actually [need] you to be there, not because they accidentally spilled to you not realizing you’re not just sticky, but also [messy].

{duct tape}

strong stuff that duct tape. it can be good for [holding] together tough things, but it might be over doing it to stick it to something simple. are you that friend who tries to shove your opinion and views down someone else’s throat all the time? they can’t breathe around you as if you’ve stuck {duct tape} over their mouth. let your friends be free to express themselves & stop trying to think you know it all. {duct tape} is strong, but we all know it’s not for very many situations. don’t be overly tough just because of your insecurities. learn how to show up for the right occasion, or else one day someone might just put some {duct tape} over your mouth & move on from the situation, leaving you behind like a kidnapped person in a scary movie, never looking back. 

sooo.. we’ve discussed these [adhesives], do you know which one/s you are? hopefully you’re not like some of these, but hopefully you are like a few. you just have to know which [adhesive] is appropriate for different situations & then use that one. don’t overpower others because you want to feel like you’re stronger than them. don’t push yourself onto others, because eventually it makes them pull away. be a friend all of the time, or don’t be a friend at all. don’t make people second guess your motives because you’re a sometimes type of person. get it [together] & keep it [together].

toodles {xoxo}

just a sunday.

so i started to feel aggravated by something minimal & that’s already done & dealt with just now, but to make sure i don’t stay annoyed i decided to write. i promise it always makes me feel better.

i didn’t have anything specific in mind for some amazing blog today, so i just figured i’d share my day with the world. {or the 1-2 people who actually read my blogs lol.. whatev.}

today was actually a really good day. i woke up & got ready for church. it was pretty amazing, as the praise & worship team was singing a song with the lyrics “my God is able”, a church member of ours came in. now this sounds insignificant until i tell you that this particular member, aaren (18), was in a serious car accident a few months ago & the doctors said he was going to be paralyzed from the neck down & never walk again. that was in the beginning of march & guess what!? aaren CAN walk! aaren is NOT paralyzed! you know why? because our God IS able & aaren is a part of a praying church! the doctors have been astounded by his progress! he’s still in physical therapy, but that is a miracle considering what he’s been through! i am SO grateful to have him back with us. not because i know him well, but because he’s one of ours, he’s part of my church family, & THAT means everything.

after church i went on a date. at least i think it was a date. ehh. so much pressure these days to define what is or isn’t. i’m calling it a date. he paid so… lol. anyway, we went to eat at johnny carino’s & it was the first time we had a good conversation because last time we hung out {first time ever} we just went to the movies so that didn’t leave much time for open conversation. of course i talked a bit {yes, a bit lol} more than he did, but that’s my life with everyone. [they didn’t start calling me chatterbox in kindergarten for nothin.] we stayed at the restaurant about 40 minutes after we were done eating just talking, it was nice. then we went to the movies to see fast & furious 6. it was SO freaking good! i wanna see it again! & i can’t wait to buy it on black friday {i always stock up on movies then.} it was cool just hanging with this guy today. i didn’t feel a lot of pressure like i normally do. {i’m a bit awkward around strangers/new people} today i just tried to be myself & have fun. 

now i’m waiting on pizza to get here because i am STARVINGGG! i’m gonna watch that movie “what to expect when you’re expecting” starring jennifer lopez whenever my pizza does get here. i wanted to see it in theaters but i’m kinda feeling like it’ll probably be a movie i’m glad i waited to see. it looks cute, but probably not worth $10. guess i’ll see in a few huh? 

i’m so sleepy! i keep saying i’ll be asleep shortly after midnight, but it never fails.. even when i’m sleepy around 11pm i always feel WIDE AWAKE -__- blah. 

tomorrow is memorial day & i don’t have any plans for it. if it’s sunny out i may lay out because i’ve been wanting to all spring & just haven’t had the chance yet. i hope i remember to tell my friend grayson happy memorial day, he’s in the navy. handsome guy that fella. hahaha. 

welp, that’ll be all. hope you all have a good evening. toodles {xoxo}